IQ Group develops corporate uniforms that connect emotionally with your customers and the employees who wear them.

Our clothing integrates with the very fabric of your brand and creates a memorable, personal connection with your brand, image and products through your people.
The marketing team at IQ Group promotes your brand, not ours.

We also develop catalogs, posters, websites and messaging campaigns that sync with your culture and fit seamlessly with your other marketing efforts.
We design and develop a cohesive look and style to support a brand’s image and reputation.
We then address the environmental and operational requirements to specify materials and features to provide a functional wardrobe that works in the back of the house to the front stage.

Our Team

Teamwork is generally the product of communication and experience.
Our senior team members have the experience and knowledge that can lead a fortune 500 client, or a fledging startup:

Bob Islinger
Bob IslingerPresident
A background in marketing, technology, and operations earned as an officer in several Fortune 500 companies, and as the CEO in CPG, Marketing Services, and other B2B organizations.
Phone: 678-833-3538
Atlanta / Kansas City, USA (EDT/CDT)
Kristie Rector
Kristie RectorDirector of Brand Management
Kristie has a strong flair for fashion, functionality and branding standards. She has served a wide range of clients over her career including Pizza Hut, KFC, Michelin, Toyota and others.
John Whittinghill
John WhittinghillGlobal Sourcing
On the ground 24/7 in Asia with manufacturing, quality control, compliance and logistical staff. A seasoned veteran of the apparel, consumer products, and technology sectors. John and his international team residing in Ningbo has created hardgoods and branded apparel, but also has been a source of design and goods for such brands as Nordstrom, Kohl’s, Hurley, Gap, WalMart, Talbots, and many more.
Ningbo, China (CDT)
Olivia Martell
Olivia MartellDesign and Manufacturing
A technical designer with an eye for detail and style. Oli’s had decades of experience managing staff in Mexico and China in the design, manufacture of apparel and home goods. Currently leads a design and flash manufacturing facility in Puebla, Mexico for IQ.
Puebla, Mexico (CDT)
Laurie Broas
Laurie Broas National Sales Executive
Laurie is the National Sales Executive at IQ. She is the key contact for many relationships and the point of contact for new opportunities. She has extensive experience in the CPG and retail channels.
Luther Brown
Luther Brown

IQ Apparel Group was acquired in 2012 by Luther Brown and is now part of a wide range of holdings specializing in logistics and technology. Luther is Chairman of IQ Apparel and the CEO of nVision Global Technology Solutions, Inc, a leading supplier of advanced knowledge systems for the global logistics management. Founded in 1992, it has grown to be in the Top 5 of its sector in size and technical prowess with facilities in North and South Americas, Asia, and Europe. Luther is solution focused and strives to be a strategic visionary focused on process improvement and value-added activities. Luther transits the globe a dozen times a year learning, teaching, and enjoying a wide array of businesses and business cultures.