Crafting Exceptional Apparel For More than a Decade

In 2013, visionary entrepreneur Luther Brown planted a seed that has now blossomed into the IQ as we know today. What began as a dream has matured into a robust operation, deeply embedded in a diverse portfolio with specializations in not only apparel & merchandise, but also an integration of logistics and technology to deliver the best solutions possible.

Our Journey

With more than a decade of innovation and expertise, our rich history is laden with milestones and breakthroughs in retail apparel, tech-enabled logistics, and expansive branded apparel and merchandise programs.

Integrated Technology & Logistics

A cornerstone of our success is our tech prowess. From our proprietary software solutions to our strategically located global manufacturing hubs, along with our Oklahoma City based warehouse, we’ve seamlessly combined our apparel and merchandise solutions with technology and logistics.

More Than Just Apparel — It’s an Identity

We don’t just create apparel; we build symbols of your brand’s culture. Our creations are designed to intertwine with the very essence of your brand, forming a personal and profound link between your brand’s identity and its most valuable ambassadors — your people.

Environmental & Social Responsibility

In today’s world, being a market leader means more than just turning a profit; it means making a positive impact. We’re committed to sustainable practices and ethical manufacturing. Our global facilities meet rigorous environmental and social standards, ensuring not just quality products but also a conscience you can wear.

Best solutions

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Crafting Exceptional Apparel Since 2013

Crafting Exceptional Apparel Since 2012

We’re more than just a custom apparel company; we’re your partners in building brand identity. We take your vision and not only bring it to life but elevate it, making it resonate with every person who comes in contact with your brand.

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