Our staff is extremely qualified to help your business grow

Teamwork is generally the product of communication and experience. Our senior team members have the experience and knowledge that can lead a fortune 500 client, or a fledging startup:

Luther Brown

Owner / CEO

A strategic solutions visionary who focuses on process improvement and value addition for every single client, Luther is a resident of Atlanta and enjoys golfing and spending time with his loving family.

Charlotte Sanders

Senior Vice President of Finance

Charlotte is a resident of McDonough, Georgia, with a degree from Indiana University and spends her personal time exercising, fishing, and enjoying time with her family.

John Whittinghill

Senior Vice President of Manufacturing & Sourcing

A seasoned veteran of the apparel, consumer products, and technology sectors. John and his international team have created hardgoods and branded apparel, but also has been a source of design and goods for such brands as Nordstrom, Kohl’s, Hurley, Gap, WalMart, Talbots, and many more.

Olivia Martell

Director of Manufacturing

A technical designer with an eye for detail and style. Oli’s had decades of experience managing staff in the design and manufacture of apparel and home goods. She currently leads a design and manufacturing facility in Puebla, Mexico for IQ.

Kristie Rector

Director of Brand Management

Kristie has a strong flair for fashion, functionality and branding standards. She has served a wide range of clients over her career including Pizza Hut, KFC, Michelin, Toyota and others.

Aimee Youngblood

Director of Customer Service / Branded Promotional Sales & Sourcing

Aimee is responsible for IQ customer service and all customer service associates. Her time is also spent servicing the many accounts she has established through schools and sports teams throughout the south east. She spends her free time with her family and tending to the many animals on her farm.

Laurie Broas

National Sales Executive

Laurie is the National Sales Executive at IQ. She is the key contact for many relationships and the point of contact for new opportunities. She has extensive experience in the CPG and retail channels.

Mitzi Martin

Manager of Inventory & Supply Mgt.

Mitzi’s expertise in analytics and demand forecasting has been paramount in being able to provide our customers with everything they need, when they need it.  She works with our suppliers, both domestic and international, to meet all necessary production and delivery requirements including material planning, production line schedules, and she oversees transportation and logistics.