We support chains of 8,000+, 6,000+ and 200+. We have the marketing, design, manufacturing, inventory management, fulfillment and customer service expertise to manage a top 5 QSR, or an up and coming start-up.
Absolutely! However, the approach and product will be different. We may start with a base of domestically available products, or products manufactured in our facility in Mexico, and then add your brand elements. We can fulfill orders directly, or often the brand wishes to fulfill itself. We work together to build the image desired, and at a cost that is economical to the brand.
That is up to you; we do it both ways! We can directly bill the ordering entity, and even accommodate an order approval process or special invoice instructions (e.g.: a DM may wish to approve orders from individual stores, or a franchisee wishes that the invoices are forwarded to a central location). Alternatively, we can invoice the brand, and the brand can invoice its franchisees.
The team present at IQ has created assortments for executives, customer gifts, events, and even consumer goods from a scale of 20 to 500 SKUs. These assortments have been presented in flyers, emails and in dedicated websites, to controlled B2B audiences or to general consumers.
We understand that a new hire cannot work without a uniform, so we deploy a decade of experience, systems, and an inventory investment that is unique to your business. We are not new to the employee turnover present in the QSR, CVS, retail and other business channels. It is chaotic and hard to predict. We use our inherent experience, an advanced statistical-based forecasting tool used in retail, and a healthy dose of safety-stock to keep your goods in stock.
Of course! We have a Customer Call Center that takes orders, tracks packages, handles special requests, resolves any issues and answers all questions.