lasting brand recognition

Are you looking for ways to create lasting brand recognition in the global workwear market? IQ Apparel is here to help! IQ Apparel specializes in providing custom-made corporate apparel, uniforms, and merchandise that nurture brand identity and foster a sense of pride among employees. With IQ Apparel’s quality products, efficient delivery processes, and continuous efforts towards flawless execution, company leaders can rest assured that their branding goals will be reached this year.

Turnaround Time

IQ Apparel has created a quick and easy ordering process with guaranteed same day shipping if orders are received before 1PM. We use UPS ground services which generally deliver items within 1-3 days in the continental US. In addition to our fast delivery speed, IQ Apparel strives for flawless execution – meaning 100% in-stock items. We recently achieved a 5-year benchmark of no out-of-stocks while supplying top 10 QSR and top 3 CVS brands. IQ Apparel is proud to have set such a high standard and is always working on our next goal.

IQ Apparel ensures that quality, speed, and continuity of outfitting are all taken into account for the best possible customer experience. With IQ Apparel’s help, company owners and leaders can create lasting brand recognition in the global workwear market that will make their employees feel proud to represent their business. IQ Apparel will ensure that your branding goals are achieved this year! Contact IQ Apparel today to learn more about our services.

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