We customize Any & All Apparel & Merchandise

Here are just a few examples of some things that we have created for customers, but we are only limited by our collective imaginations!  We can customize anything from board shorts, to corporate polos to basketball uniforms.  There really are no limits to what we can create just for you!

What Sublimation?

Sublimation printing results in vibrant and highly detailed prints that are embedded directly into the fabric. The colors are more durable and resistant to fading compared to traditional screen printing or heat transfer methods.
Sublimation is ideal for producing custom and personalized apparel because it enables you to print individual names, numbers, or unique designs without incurring significant setup costs or time-consuming processes.
Sublimation inks penetrate the fabric rather than sitting on top of it, which means the printed area remains breathable and doesn’t add a heavy or rubbery texture to the garment. This makes it more comfortable to wear.
Sublimation prints are highly resistant to cracks, peels, and fading, ensuring that your designs remain vibrant and intact, even after multiple washes and heavy use.
Sublimation can be used on a wide range of apparel items, including t-shirts, jerseys, hoodies, leggings, swimwear, and more. It’s also suitable for accessories like hats, bags, and socks.
Sublimation is cost-effective even for small production runs, which is beneficial for businesses that want to test the market with limited quantities of unique designs.
Sublimation allows for full-bleed, all-over printing, meaning you can cover the entire garment with your design, including hard-to-reach areas like seams and edges. This creates eye-catching, unique designs that are difficult to achieve with other printing methods.
Unlike screen printing, which requires separate screens for each color in a design, sublimation printing allows for an unlimited number of colors in your designs, making it perfect for intricate and colorful artwork.
Sublimation is considered an environmentally friendly printing method because it generates minimal waste. The process produces no water or chemical runoff, and the inks used are non-toxic and water-based.
Sublimation printing is relatively fast compared to some other customization methods. It doesn’t require drying time for inks to set, allowing for quicker production turnaround times.
Sublimation can reproduce complex designs, gradients, and photographic images with exceptional clarity and detail, making it a preferred choice for businesses aiming for premium-quality products.
Sublimation inks become part of the fabric, so they won’t crack or peel over time, ensuring a long-lasting and professional appearance.