We not only accept the responsibility entrusted to use and protect the IP (Intellectual Property) of your brand, we also accept responsibility for recreating the personality and perception of your brand in many “material” formats.

We strive to take the mind’s eye view of your operations team, food safety experts, corporate managers, franchisees, marketing, a 14-year old crew member in Maine, a maternity clothes wearer in Colorado, a 19-year old left tackle who needs a 6XL, and a new store manager who made a first hire.

A member of our customer experience team may be teaching a customer about the fabric nuances, treatments and methods of construction. Six hours later, while their evening is well underway, they are conversing with a factory in China, relating a customer’s needs about an antimicrobial fabric.

Our customer support team may be answering questions about an order, helping a store manager set up his web account, answering a franchisee’s questions about billing, or helping a new team member determine his or her size as they prepare for their very first job.

“Materializing” Your Brand

Branding Work Wear

Over the course of their careers, our staff has created company stores for members of:

You built the stage, wrote the script, and cast the players of your brand story.
We complement the experience with costumes and props!

Designers focus on the look from the consumer’ perspective, while technical designers attend to the functionality, and also addressing comfort in the case of apparel.

We prefer to be part of a campaign, creating tactics to support the “big” mission. In the store we create a “billboard with a smile”, but on the way home, we have “billboards with feet on”.

We take deadlines seriously. Not just the one or two big deadlines, but even the thousands that are supposed to ship the same day, and we do so 99.9% of the time.

“Brookshire Grocery Company is focused on providing exceptional service to our customers and it is exciting to partner with IQ Apparel who also strives to provide excellent customer service. They have always taken care of our needs in a professional and timely manner. We are a growing business with evolving needs, IQ Apparel has been able to consistently accommodate our high-volume orders with tight deadlines.” 
Rosemary Jones, EVP – Chief People Officer/Legal, Brookshire Grocery Company